Jessie Cowboy Corgi

Jessie is 1 year-old as of May 1!

It's unfortunate she is in rescue but her future is bright. 

Here's what Jessie has to tell you about herself:

  Hi! I'm Jessie. They told me I am a Cowboy Corgi but I'm kind of tall for a corgi. That's ok because my longer legs make me FASTER than all the other dogs out there! I LOVE to RUN; whether it's chasing other dogs, a toy or just running - I might even make a jogging partner but I would have to train. I also have a big stumpy tail that I like to wiggle. I think it's what they call a "natural bob." That makes me even more special

   My previous family told CCK that I was not house-trained and I chewed up all kinds of things. They would let me run free in the country so I didn't really know what to do but RUN. My foster family says I'm a good girl. I use a doggy door, I've only chewed on my toys and I haven't had any accidents. I get along with all the dogs in my foster home and I really like my foster-brother! ;) They also told CCK I'm a cuddlebug - whatever that is. I just know, when I'm tired, I like to be very comfortable and sometimes that means I lay on a person. I could probably use some basic training so I know to come when I'm called, how to walk nicely on a leash and to bond with my new owner.

  Here's what else I can tell you about me: I got all those shots the dogtor said I needed, I also had a surgery so I can't have any puppies (whew!) and I have one of those little chips in me so if I get lost, it will tell you who I belong to. I'm also getting some pills so I don't get those nasty heartworms and another pill so I don't get all itchy from fleas or ticks.

  I'm ready for my fur-ever family but I'm not free. CCK's adoption fee for me is $300. I don't really want to be in a home with young children, teenage >12, would be ok. An energetic, playful fur-sibling would be really nice   too. A fence yard is a must, so no apartments please. I have to be able to get out and run several times a day.

  If you think we'd be a good match, this is the link to fill out an application and my name is Jessie - that's J - E - S - S - I - E