Bean the name and being busy is the game! 

Bean's previous owners knew they were not giving him what he needed and so they unselfishly let him go to find a more appropriate home. Bean is approiximately 1 year old and is full of everything.

BeanHe did not get much socialization prior to coming to rescue in a foster home with some pretty savy corgi owners of 3. Because of that he thinks that if he is around other dogs, it's play time - all the time.  He rarely stops to rest.  He was clearly in his crate a lot, so he doesn't understand that when he is not in his crate, he can still rest and relax, but good news is that he's getting there.  He has made great progress over the last few weeks.  He occasionally takes breaks and just plays with toys or sleeps outside his crate.  This is also why he poops in the house.  He doesn't want to take the time when he's outside to do it.  He's too busy.  Those accidents are getting fewer and fewer though, as we take him out when he gets up, and after he has his treat, and after he eats and we physically tell him to poop, wait for him to poop, and praise him as he's doing it.  He hasn't had any potty accidents with the belly band, so that seems to be working well.  

He is crate trained.  He knows to get in it at night automatically and he gets ready for bed when we do.  He has never had an accident in his crate.  He is super outgoing and energetic.  He is not aggressive at all.  He should not be with an aggressive dog, because he will trigger them.  He could get hurt if he were with a dog that has any aggressive tendencies. Bean is 100% on during the time that he is awake.  

Bean would do well with dog-savy children over the age of 8 however he does need to be watched when he is in the house. He's still very much a puppy, so that means chewing, getting into things, possible accidents until fully trained, general michievousness. Do not expect children to keep an eye on him.

Bean is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and on heart-worm, flea-tick preventative. His adoption fee is $300. Interested persons can submit an application for Bean through this link: