"Stanley Too" Is A Big Hit With New Owner

Trotting Stanley II

This little guy was picked up as a stray in Missouri. Initially it was thought he might be a corgi-mix but after getting him in to foster care it was decided Stanley is more like a dachshund-yorkie mix. Corgi Connection took Stanley Too because of a little story and if you look on the tab "Where are they now?" you will see one of our early adoptions was a small "corgi-mix" we had named Stanley. Stanley and Stanley Too could just about be brothers. Stanley Too was already named at the shelter so we just added the Too and brought him in to CCK.
Even though he's not a corgi, Stanley Too still needed a safe and permanent home.
After some juggling around Stanley has made his home in Minn., with his new mom, Joyce. Stanley was adopted by her daughter who took him from Kansas to his new home where he's made a big impression.
thanks. I hear from my mom about every day now --just having fun with Mr Stanley :) She was getting a little depressed prior to his arrival --sleeping later etc....... but now she has a purpose or reason to wake up and get busy. Im sure he's lovin' companionship all day long. She went to a meeting the other day and I know she just couldn't wait to get home. She commented on how nice it was to have Stanley greet her at the door when she arrived home!
We just knew there was the perfect person for Stanley; especially after reports like these from his foster home:
"This little guy's a REAL sweetie! I took him to the pet store on Saturday and he got several compliments about how well behaved he was! I haven't found anything he doesn't like yet! He loves to chase the water hose. He is great with other dogs, cats, goats. He doesn't show any signs of food aggression. He did well with a bath and several car rides. He's starting to learn how to play and getting accustomed to all kinds of new items: rawhide bones, antler chews, chasing the ball and the Frisbee. He is always by my side and is a big cuddler! He is going to make someone a great companion."
Stanley has been vaccinated, neutered, heart-worm tested (negative); had his teeth checked and is on flea/tick prevention. He is micro-chipped and weighs about 20 pounds but could stand to gain a pound or two. He also had a small cyst removed from his side which was tested and declared benign. The University said it was the type of cyst that could have been the result after trauma. We don't know as Stanley can't tell us but we hope he wasn't abused.
Thanks Stephanie for finding Stanley a wonderful home and thanks Joyce for providing that!