Lucy Luo

Lucy's the name and busy is the game! I'm not yet 18 months old and there's a whole lotta exploring yet to be done. My first moma got sick and had to have surgery. I was too energetic for her mom and another relative to take care of me so they contacted this group called Corgi Connection and a real nice lady came and got me. I was sad but also excited about new places. The nice lady took me to a house where there were other dogs and a big yard to run around.

I go for daily walks and meet lots of people. Me and my foster sister play but I also like to do stuff on my own like find things to carry around that I really shouldn't. Sometimes I chew on things too and they tell me "no!"  The good people taking care of me now have been working hard on getting me to go to the bathroom outside. Sometimes I just get so excited when I'm out running and playing that I forget to go and then when I come in, I remember! I know...I've got to focus. I'm really good about doing my business when I go on a walk however. 

I've met some of those little humans while out on a walk. They seemed pretty nice and petted me gentlly. I've also met some bigger dogs and they're ok too.

My first mom made sure I had all my shots and a few months ago I went to the hospital and they spayed me. Whatever that is. Each month I get a couple of pills. It's so I don't get any worms or fleas or ticks. I don't know why anyone worries about worms, I don't like to go fishing! I also got a chip in me. I don't know where it's at because I know I didn't swallow no chip but anyway, it's supposed to help me get back to my home if I'm lost. That makes me happy.

I'd like my new home to have someone around a lot. Real little kids wouldn't be that great all time because I would want to chase them. Another playful dog would be good. I have lots of learning still to do, so someone who is patient and able to train me would make me happy too. I have my own house inside the house and don't mind going in it. Sometimes I just go in my crate when I'm ready for bed.

Lucy's adoption fee is $300. If you are interested in adopting Lucy, fill out an application for consideration here: