Need any junk mail shredded? Want to meet lots of new people and dogs? Meet Roma!!

Roma is a cute, sweet 4-year-old female corgi that weights about 27 pounds. She was surrendered when her owner’s health made it impossible to care for Roma as she needed.


Roma was sad, sick and bewildered when she first came into rescue, but she has blossomed in the time she’s been with us. Having lived her entire life as a pet and being used to living indoors, routine household noises are familiar to her and she is not bothered by appliances such as the vacuum. Roma is corgi-smart and alert. She does all the things Corgis are known for, including a quirky left-footed “sploot”. She loves to be close to her people and loves a nice cuddle without being clingy.

SOCIALIZATION: Roma communicates well with humans and knows how to get what she wants. She does not hesitate to bark at us if she feels we should share something we are eating, or she is not receiving enough pats. Roma will also poke us with her nose to get attention. She will move an empty water bowl around to make noise to alert us to the situation. She shows a slight preference toward women but relates to both of us well so it’s not a problem if one of us leaves her in the other’s care for a time. She is the most social corgi we have ever met and does not hesitate to approach friendly strangers on walks to ask for pats. She gets along with other dogs and people, including children. Roma is active and very playful. She regularly coaxes play sessions out of our 6-year-old female corgi and happily destroys toys. She is an energizer bunny for most of the day with only brief power naps, then sleeps 8 hours at night straight through.

Roma enjoys having another dog to play with, although we don’t feel this is a must-have for her. She does fetch but does not return the ball reliably.

TRAINING: Roma does not seem to enjoy car rides like our other corgis, but she does ride quietly and without fuss. She is not reliably housebroken, and we have been working on that since she has been with us with limited success. She resists going outside when it is raining. Roma recognizes her name but likes to occasionally make a game out of not being caught. We have been working with her on this also. She does sit when sufficiently motivated.

Roma is a power chewer who enjoys chew toys; destroying her stuffies and loves to shred magazines and junk mail. She has not shown an interest in shoes, but has picked up and chewed small items dropped on the floor like pens, plasticware, etc. She is curious about items we have in our hands and has stolen tools she sees us put down and will carry them off to chew if possible. She has not shown an interest in houseplants but does pick up sticks in the yard to chew. She will need to be monitored to ensure she does not chew something valuable or harmful.

Roma is crate-trained and stays in her crate quietly until released. She is familiar with a leash and walks well but will occasionally will get underfoot. 

Roma shows a strong herding instinct. She has attempted to herd other dogs at the dog park and in our home, and occasionally has nipped at the back of my legs to keep me moving in the direction she wants.

HEALTH: Please note there are continued medical costs for Roma.

Roma has been diagnosed with severe allergies. She underwent an immunotherapy allergen profile test and has been receiving customized antigen injections weekly for the past 9 months. The medication is ordered from Missouri Veterinary Dermatology Center which is familar with Roma's case. With shipping and costs for syringes it is right at $400. There is enough dosage to last 30 weeks which is a cost of about $13.35/week.  There may be other options to get her medication filled at another veterinarian but we have not explored that. Her recommended care routine includes weekly bathing to remove allergens from her fur and wiping her feet with unscented baby wipes when she comes indoors. Roma is on a prescription diet due to her allergies – Royal Canin P/R. She receives a Cytopoint injection (administered at the veterinary office) as needed for allergy flares – her last injection was in July when she first arrived. Her skin and eyes have cleared up in the time she has been with us, and her fur has grown back in. Her appetite has improved. She has been scratching a bit this fall as the seasonal pollen counts have risen, but no more than our other corgis or our friends have reported their dogs doing. We are unconcerned about this at the present but are monitoring the situation to see if it persists once we receive a hard freeze.

Other than allergies, there are no notable health issues. She is on the standard canine maintenance medications – rabies, heartworm/flea preventative, etc. She sheds moderately for a corgi. Like most corgis, she is a foodie when she is feeling well and will have to be monitored to avoid overeating and obesity.


Roma is a bright, active, sassy, and extroverted young lady! She is looking for an active home that can bear the time and expense her care requires, especially if she suffers an allergy flare. She would do well with another friendly, playful dog but would also do well on her own with plenty of human interaction. She would likely not thrive in a situation where she is left alone routinely for long periods of time. She comes with her allergy meds and a supply of her prescription food, her heartworm medication, and a few toys she favors. She also comes with her collar and leash, a harness and seatbelt. If you love to laugh daily, this is the corgi for you!

Roma is spayed. Her adoption fee is $300. If you are interested you may submit an application for consideration through this link: