Perpetual motion; you object in motion tends to stay in motion. That's Corgnelius aka Carl. At just 10 months of age, he is full of life. Because of his enegy he is having to learn some manners so he is still "rough around the edges."








Corgnelius LOVES to play and plays rough like most corgis do. A fenced yard is a must so he can run freely; another very playful dog is also in his best interest. He loves to chew like any puppy and has some favorites chew toys but should always be monitored so he doesn't get a hold of something he shouldn't. No small children because he is still learning not to jump on people and he still wants to chew of hands. Not sure about cats, but pretty sure he would chase and nip at them so probably NO to CATS. He does very well in a crate overnight.


 He has recently been neutered and still wants to do a little "marking" but is learning "NO." He wants to be close to people most all the time and loves to be in your lap where a soft rub on his chest puts him in immediate la-la land! 

Corgnelius is current on his vaccinations; has had heartworm and flea-tick preventative and is micro-chipped. His adoption fee is $300 to help offset his veterinary care. If you are interested in giving this lil guy a loving, fur-ever home feel free to submit an application through this link: