Miss Dusty came to us from a breeder and while most breeding dogs have some significant issues, Dusty is a really good girl and turned 6 in February.
She had an awful mouth full of rotten teeth and 22 extractions later she is doing well. She is currently eating a combination of canned food with dry kibble and can crunch on a dog biscuit. She has also been spayed and seems recovered from that procedure.

Dusty is mostly fine around other dogs, although I'm sure she would prefer to be an only dog. She craves attention and her favorite place to be is in your lap! She does not interact with other dogs much and Dusty doesn't really play. She's actually kind of lazy! ;) She prefers to be inside and will take her fair share of space in front of a fan. She can be shy or skittish at time, particularly when it comes time to put her collar and/or leash on/off. She does fairly well on walks.

She gives great butt wiggles when you come home. Her 1 bad habit is she jumps up on people and does tend to walk right in between your legs. She's a fairly big girl weighing about 28 pounds and has lost some weight. She has a noticeable amount of loose skin; either from having puppies or having been overweight more than when she arrived.

She is not crazy about being put in a crate but will tolerate it. She is well house-trained but may need some reinforcement in a new environment.dusty1

Dusty is current on vaccinations; is on heart-worm and flea/tick preventative and is micro-chipped. Her adoption fee is $300. We will not place her in a home with young children <12. She's really not a kids' dog.

If you are interested in adopting Dusty, click on or copy this link to submit an application: https://www.corgiconnection.com/index.php?option=com_breezingforms&view=form&Itemid=10