Gabby is a not-quite 1 year old Corgi-Heeler, also known as a Cowboy Corgi some pretty unique markings. We were contacted by her previous owners who said she was attacking the other dogs (3) in the house which were of a different breed. What we got was a very scared, insecure, young dog thatGabby of Salina2 didn't seem to know how to react to much of anything. Her first days in her foster home she spent glued to one of the people in the home. Finally after a few days there was some interaction between her and the other corgis in the house - PLAY!

We're not real sure what happened at Gabby's previous home but aside from not being house-trained we have found her to be a real sweetheart who seemed quite confused. There are a few things she's certain about and that is, it is her job to protect the house and family from intruders. She is pretty reactive to other dogs outside her household also so that means she is talkative. If a barking dog is particularly bothersome to you, then Gabby is NOT the dog for you so she would not be a good fit to live in an apartment. She has done well with house-training over the past week and uses a doggy door. Gabby does NOT do well in a kennel but does well with free-reign now that she is more reliably house-trained. At night she sleeps with "her" person. 

Gabby needs someone who has a lot of patience and love to give her as she re-adjusts to life.  It may take her some time to warm up to another new family but once she does she is very attached. We would prefer a home for Gabby with someone who has corgi experience; is there more often than not; has a young dog close to her size who is confident but not dominant and no young children. We do not know how she would do with cats.

Gabby of SalinaGabby's adoption fee is $300. She is spayed; current on vaccinations; heart-worm negative and micro-chipped. Interested persons may submit an application through this link.