A Difficult Decision for Dylan's Owner Results in One Happy Dog and Family!

Dylan after bath 11-27-11
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After suffering the loss of his partner, Dylan was a different dog and his owner knew yet. Not wanting to take on another dog, Dylan's owner did the most unselfish thing and sought to find Dylan a home where he would have another dog and lots more people to be around.
Dylan's owner contacted Corgi Connection about finding such a home and within a few months Dylan was on his way to the Massachusetts! With Iris, Ben and family Dylan has settled right in their other rescue dog, Lottie, Piggy the cat and several other pets.
Regular trips to the dog park keep him socialized and supplied with plenty of play friends when Lottie doesn't feel so inclined!
It was a very difficult thing to take Dylan from what we knew was a loving home and try to fill the void his owner knew he was missing. But in the end she really did know what was best for him.
Thank you Jo for entrusting Corgi Connection with such a task and thank you Iris and Ben for helping us complete the mission!