Please read entirely before asking questions or applying:

Sophie is a beautiful, super-sweet, well-mannered older girl. She is not full corgi, but it is believed she is part corgi / part miniature Australian Shepherd. She lived with her first family for the first 9 years of her life, then she was surrendered to CCK. She has lived with her foster family for the past 1 ½ years. About a year ago she developed a dislike for another female dog in her current home. Despite efforts taken to mitigate the issue, Sophie has persisted in her dislike. Although her family loves her very much and finds this step very difficult to take, they believe she would be happier in a home where she can be the only dog.

PERSONALITY: Sophie has an active, bright and alert personality. She loves to be petted and cuddled and loves to be near her person. She enjoys being a lap dog for short periods of time, although she will fall asleep in a lap from time to time. She does show a preference to women but does also respond to most men. She is tolerant of and even enjoys playing with young, active children if they are respectful of her. She is very active and will play fetch with a tennis ball, although her sessions last only 10 minutes or so. She is a destroyer of toys and loves nothing better than to de-squeak and de-stuff a toy. Due to her diminutive size and activity level, people have mistaken her for a much younger dog.

Sophie of WichitaSOCIALIZATION: Sophie does not seem to have been well-socialized when she was young. She does not do well with other dogs she is not familiar with, and has had issues with a female corgi in the home she is in currently in. She sometimes will take an instant dislike to certain people, usually men. She walks well on a leash but becomes anxious when she sees another dog approaching and will vocalize loudly. She is OK in the car although she does not enjoy car rides. Sophie would prefer that strangers not approach the stopped car while she is inside. She does not like drive-thru’s and will vocalize loudly if she can hear a voice through a speaker or see someone at a window, close to the vehicle.

TRAINING: Sophie is perfectly house trained and is not known to have an accident in the house. She knows her name and has excellent recall. She goes out without complaint despite the weather, will take care of herself and come back immediately if necessary. She is extremely obedient and loves to please. Sophie is very smart and catches on to things very quickly.

HEALTH: For her age, Sophie is relatively free of many health issues. Unlike a full-bred corgi, Sophie sheds very little. She has a touch of arthritis in one knee and is taking Cosequin for this. Because of her anxious nature and the situation with the other dog in her current home she has been on Fluoxetine. This is a mild antidepressant for canine anxiety, which is relatively inexpensive.

OVERALL: Sophie is an amazing girl who would bloom in the right environment. A quiet home with a consistent routine where she is the only pet would be ideal. She would love to be someone’s constant companion and friend!

If you are interested in Sophie please make application through the website.