This beautiful girl came to us from some harsh conditions. She had been used for breeding and because her last litter didn't make it we were told the breeder threatened to shoot her. Then she got away from the good samaritan that took her from the breeder and was on the run for several days. Luckily another dog rescuer was able to catch her and contacted CCK.

Abby from breederAbby is approximately 5 years and has turned out to be one of the sweetest lil' corgis we've taken in to rescue. She has made great strides adjusting to living inside; going on daily walks and with house-training. She does still get quite anxious when riding in a car and it is advised she be crated. She is also displaying some slight separation anxiety when left home alone without her foster brother; a male corgi who is very easy going. While they don't interact a lot we feel Abby would do best in a home with another laid back dog. We would prefer no childrfen as she is not used to a lot of noise or ruckus. She is crate trained but does need to go out early in the morning and will let you know. For that reason we would also prefer she have a fenced yard. We do feel if she were to get loose she could be a flight risk.

Abby was just recently spayed and is current on her vaccinations. She is heart-worm negative and has been getting heart-worm and tick/flea prevenative. Her adoption fee is $300 and application can be made through this website.