Annie and Daisy

Annie and Daisy are both heeler-corgi mixes that were born Aug. 5, 2020. CCK purchased them from a breeder who is retiring and we were concerned for their future. The girls joined CCK at 8 weeks of age and they will soon be 12 weeks old and looking for homes of their own.

Here's what their foster mom has to say about them:Annie

First of all, they are both adorable.  They are good natured, are getting really good at pottying outside, eat well, sleep through the night, and are happy, healthy puppies.  Both are growing well, although Annie is outpacing Daisy.  Annie's legs are longer and her body is longer as well.
Annie (top) remains the adventure girl.  She is curious, bright, and pretty fearless.  She LOVES to interact with the big dogs, and will seek both Keyna and Marty out for some wrestling.  She is smart enough to be submissive, but young enough to be pesky.  (She also likes to try and play with Rhoslyn, which is hysterical!)  Annie really looks like a Heeler.  Her face is square, her body is lean, and she walks like a Cowboy.  Doug and I both think she'd do really well with other dogs to play with, and she would probably thrive in a situation where she had some work to do--chickens to chase, sheep to pester, etc.  She'd be great on some land.
Daisy (bottom) is a bit more reserved.  She is also curious and bright, but perhaps a little less fearless.  She will also play with the big dogs, but usually does so with Annie, rather than on her own.  Daisy LOVES people and is very affectionate.  She's not a lap puppy--too much energy for that--but she does like a bit of a cuddle when she first wakes up or is ready to go down.  Daisy comes across as a really happy puppy, and is more of a clown than her sister.  She really looks like a corgi.  Her face is triangular, her body is stockier, and her little legs are so short!  Daisy would do very well with other dogs, but I see her as the Princess of her Castle.  She's going to be that loving companion who is happy being with her people, going on walks, and ruling the roost.  
Neither dog is shy or aggressive with people or animals.  They will happily let you pick them up, play with their feet, interrupt their eating, and take things away that they shouldn't have.  No aggression to speak of.  Again, Daisy is gentler and Annie is more assertive, so that would want to be taken into consideration. Our preference is neither of these pups will be placed in a home where there are very small children, under age 7.
Both girls will have all age appropriate vaccinations and records will be provided. Their adoption fees are $300 each and application may be made through the website link.