Star Gets Her Christmas Wish

Right back attcha
Belle and star

We were beginning to think Star was going to become a permanent resident of Corgi Connection. It seemed no one could see her true personality or was willing to deal with a few "issues."
Then came Michael, Jim and their 11-year old corgi Belle. They had inquired about other corgis but when the found out Star was what we call a "true rescue" the family agreed she was the girl for them!
Star is living the good life in Salina, KS; enjoying a large fenced yard, daily walks with Michael and Belle at a park literally just across the street and hopefully soon; an occasional day at work.
Star first came in to the picture when she was picked up as a stray about 2 years ago and taken to a Kansas City shelter. From there she was adopted and then returned about a year later. They said they couldn't house-train Star. We believe she has some separation anxiety issues which are managable. She just longed to be with someone.
After some considerable time in foster care, Star lost 17 pounds and is a much more active girl. She weighed 57 pounds when she came out of the shelter and in to CCK.
Her new owners vow to keep her on track and hopefully she'll lose a couple of more pounds, but in the mean time she has a wonderful home.
Thank you Jim and Michael for giving this girl the chance she deserved and thank you Belle for being so welcoming to Star.