Hi! My name is Maggie and I'm looking for a furr-ever home. I used to be used for makin' puppies but I didn't like that so much, so the breeder gave me to Corgi Connection of Kansas. I'm 4 years old; spayed; current on vaccinations and have been on heart-worm and flea/tick preventative.

Maggie4Here's what my foster mom and dad have to say about me:

PERSONALITY: Maggie is a super-sweet young lady! She is a funny mix of somewhat shy and sweetly assertive. Maggie is corgi-smart and has learned our household routine very quickly. She  does not like change but adapts reasonably well. She does all the normal Corgi things – frapping, splooting (typically 1 leg out), etc. She is very playful, loves stuffed toys and seems especially   drawn to the ones that crackle or squeak. She has a funny sense of humor and loves to play short games as long as they are gentle and she feels safe. She does engage in play with our corgis.   She seems to prefer being indoors, and there seems to be a slight preference of women to men.

Most corgis are “foodies,” but Maggie takes this to a whole new level. She is all about her food and her treats! She is almost frantic about food. She does not snap at the others but will steal   treats when she sees an opportunity without regard for her safety (luckily, all our corgis are tolerant of this). Maggie will need to be watched closely, as she will be predisposed to gain weight.

SOCIALIZATION: Maggie is somewhat skittish around people and does not like sudden, rapid movement or sharp, loud noises. She does well when on her own (bedtime, etc) but comes out     readily and joins us when we are active (there may be treats!). Maggie takes a while to warm up to people, but once she trusts you she will allow you to rub her head and scratch her back and   will approach you for affection. She gets along with our other corgis (we have not tested her around larger dogs or cats) and looks to them for behavior cues, especially in the beginning. Maggie   shows no preference for the corgis to us, but their presence does seem to be a comfort to her. She now joins them in greeting us at the door when we come home from work and in other family   activities. She does well around children if they are calm and well-mannered.

  TRAINING: Maggie is not reliably housebroken. She goes outside with our corgis but sometimes comes back inside before she should, so she can be first to ask for a treat. She is crate trained     and enters readily now that she knows the routine and the request to “Crate Up.” She keeps her crate clean. Maggie does not like to have her harness put on for walks – there seems to be   something about it going over her head that bothers her – but once it is on, she walks easily and without pulling. She is doing better with the harness as she is learning that it means she is going     somewhere fun, but she may regress a bit at first in her forever home (the reluctance to change). We have worked a bit on basic commands, but with her shyness it has been slow progress.

HEALTH: Maggie has a habit of shaking her head /flipping her ears when she feels uncertain about a new situation. Our vet found no physical cause for this. As she has become more comfortable with us, the head-shaking has decreased although we notice increases at times when she feels unsure of herself (when we moved her crate, for example).

Maggie displays a very, very slight limp occasionally when she first gets up from a nap or first thing in the morning. Our vet checked her for arthritis and found no cause for concern, but recommended Cosequin supplements to support her joint health. It does not slow her down in the least, but we do see it from time to time if we watch closely. Maggie tested heartworm free and takes Sentinel monthly for prevention.

OVERALL: Maggie is a beautiful, sweet, super-special young lady and is going to be a wonderful addition to someone’s family! She is a bit slow to warm up, but with a little patience and very gentle discipline she will come around and, bit by bit, show more of her wonderful Corgi personality. Maggie would do well in a home where there is another dog (or dogs) present who is/are well-socialized and would like to have a playmate.

Her adoption fee is $275 and she is available now. You can submit an application through the website with the link at the very bottom of the "Adoption" page.