Tucker is 8-years old and has spent his entire life with the same family. Unfortunately that family has a child with a serious medical conditions. It was becoming very difficult for the family to juggle their child's medical care, equipment, 

Tucker 2019being gone so much for appointments, hospitalizations etc., and try to give Tucker a quality life. In Tucker's best interest they decided to give him up for a better life.

He has lived another dog but we really think he is enjoying being the only dog and likes to be close to someone. He is currently sharing his space with 2 cats and they seemed to have come to a mutual agreement of just ignoring each other.

Tucker loves his walks but walker be warned: he will pull to go after squirrels and other dogs. He needs a refresher on many basic manners such as "wait", "come" and even "sit" doesn't always happen. He isn't much of a player with toys but is a busy boy when he's out in the fenced yard.
While we know Tucker has been around children, we are not recommending him to anyone with children under the age of 10.

Tucker 2019bTucker is current on vaccinations; on heart-worm prevent; flea-tick prevent. His adoption fee is $250