Dane has made quite the journey and we are looking for a corgi savvy home for him to call his own. 

We don't know his history prior to being adopted from a shelter in the Chicago area. The family that adopted him apparently weren't prepared for this busy little-boy. Additionally they have several cats which Dane seemed to love to "wrestle" with. He never hurt the cats but the woman did not appreciate Dane's affection towards her cats.

Dane is about 5 years old. He absolutely loves people but not so much other dogs. He loves toys, following "his" people around the house, going for walks, cuddling and does fine in a crate where he prefers to stockpile all his toys and any treats.

We are looking for a home with NO OTHER PETS AND NO YOUNG CHILDREN (<13 years of age).

Dane does have some food aggression towards other pets which could, but has not yet, transferred to people. He is being worked with and does accept treats nicely from people. Feeding him in his crate where he feels safe is ideal. He needs an active owner who is willing to take him on walks or hikes and give him plenty of play time. He does do alright walking with another dog and upon first meeting but he should not be exposed to a dog park or other large number of dogs at once.

He will be current on vaccinations, heart-worm tested and on preventative. He is neutered and house-trained. His adoption fee is $275.