Let us tell you about Miss Maxi.
She is an adorable 3-year old corgi with some significant health issues that are manageable.
Maxi 3
CCK has confirmed through an MRI, Maxi is hydrocephalic which means she has fluid on the brain. This is not a curable condition but is rather like having a child with special needs. The hydrocephalus can making learning new things difficult. Each new change in environment brings about a "refresher" course in house training and sometimes other behaviors. It may seem like she's a very stubborn little girl when in fact it's a learning disability. She is currently taking over-the-counter prilosec which in has shown some success in keep the fluid levels in the brain from increasing in other hydrocephalic dogs. Should her condition worsen it is likely she would show neurological issues such as seizures, circling or spinning. The next step for medication would be steroids.
Because of the hydrocephelus she is mostly blind. As explained to us, her brain does not process what she sees. Her eyes are "structurally sound," but the message is not getting through. Because of her vision issues she can be snappy if startled and that can relay to other dogs. For this reason she would do best as an only dog and absolutely no young children. Maxi does love people overall however and should not be denied a happy social life.

Her front legs are horribly crooked (medical term is incongruity or elbow dysplasia) but she does get around well. She doesn't navigate stairs very well due to vision and her legs. It is important her weight be kept in check to below 30 lbs to help alleviate the pressure on those legs and we have her on a long-term pain reliever - Galliprant and a joint supplement. Her current foster home takes her on several shorter walks a day which Maxi just loves. Surgery is not a recommended treatment due to the potential for complications which could result in the amputation of the leg(s). Again, her condition is manageable but we do not recommend she go to a home with very many stairs. 

She is a sweet loving little girl that wants to be around someone. She can be ornery occasionally chewing things she shouldn't but has learned to play with some toys. 


 Maxi is unfortunately the product of some less than ideal breeding and was purchased by a family who did not even realize her difficulties after having her for nearly 3 years. She needs an experienced owner as she does try to be the boss and she would probably do best as an only pet although she doesn't seem to mind cats that don't pay any attention to her. 

She is spayed, current on vaccinations, has been treated with heart-worm, flea/tick preventative and is micro-chipped. She just turned 3 in October and even with these issues she has a lot of life and love left with a little extra care.

Her adoption fee is $200. If you can give this special girl a special home, please submit an application for consideration. For whoever adopts her, CCK would be there to help along the way.