Little Debbie Snack Cake is Now Daisy Mae of Nebraska!

Debbie 11-22-11c
Debbie 11-22-11a

Unfortunately Daisy became very ill with bladder stones and we lost her in June, 2013.


Advertised as a "good breeder," Debbie was quickly taken in to rescue to spare her from the backyard breeding she had all ready been subjected to.
Debbie is now in foster care and learning how to play and be loved. She has met some cats and didn't seem bothered by them or too interested. She is gaining confidence more and more each day. She would really benefit with some obedience training with her new owner as it would also help tremendously with the bonding process. Debbie is about 4 years old so she has lots to learn and love to give.

Daisy Mae is now living the good life with a corgi brother Tater, daily trips to the horse barn and lots of lovin' from her "grandpa!"
Thank you Therese and Sean for opening your home and hearts to this sweet girl!