While Diego was surrendered to Corgi Connection by his owners, he was in horrible condition; extremely underweight; ears were infected and his coat and skin were in awful condition with scabby and dry flaky patches.
He is slowly coming around but I have to say for as much as he eats, he's not gaining weight we would expect.
In short: an ideal home for Diego would be with another very playful dog his size; no young children or cats; lots of walks; a fenced yard and a human who is willing to give him time to build some confidence and learn some manners.
Now here's the details:
Diego has put on about 3 pounds since we've had him - about 4 weeks. We are giving him a full cup of Science Diet with a spoonful of canned food in the morning and another cup in the evening along with some of his kibble throughout the day as treats and other treats as well. We had a full blood panel done on him and everything was within normal range. He is a very busy little guy so maybe he just burns the calories. His fur and skin are improving. He is on Apoquel 1/day for allergies and also gets coconut oil on his food. He still has some patchy flakes, so that too could take some time. We had a couple of mole-like lumps taken from his back and they were sent off for testing and there was no concern. He has some areas of hair loss that may never grow back such as around his neck where it seems his collar was too snug.
Now a little bit about his personality. Diego can be very shy and he can also be bold sometimes. I took him to work yesterday and I had a gate across my doorway. It was either the gate or some of the employees in uniform (Sheriff's Dept) but he did not like a few of them and barked at them. He was typically ok if he was allowed to roam about freely. I find he is a bit more shy of men than women.
He is a vocal boy but does seem to take correction. If he gets too barky, I take a spay bottle and squirt his back-end with water. He can also be a bit "mouthy" when playing ball, meaning he will put his mouth on your hand when you reach for the ball. 
Diego can get spooked or fussy quite if he thinks someone is trying to restrain him especially when it comes time to put a harness or coat on him and he may try to nip. I am seeing improvement with each time and it must be done slowly. He loves to walk but with my pack he pulls terribly and thinks he must lead. When I walk him alone he does quite well. Another work in progress.Diego2
He loved to play with the foster dog in his previous foster home. That dog had surgery so we had to move Diego because they played so much. Unfortunately my pack is comprised of older dogs and they don't play with each other. So Diego has been a bit disappointed. He doesn't seem to fond of larger dogs but has had no issues with my 4 corgis. He can be a bit pushy trying to get another dog to play by barking and poking at them.
Overall he is a very sweet boy that was obviously neglected in his previous home. He needs an experienced corgi owner who will be firm and loving. He is rough around the edges but I think he would make a great dog for an active couple with another dog. I would not place him with young children because I think he would be too stimulated.
Diego is current on vaccinations; heart-worml negative; neutered and micro-chipped. He turns 7 Dec. 8 but acts more like he's 2! His adoption fee is $275.