Rex standingHi! I'm Rex! 
I'm kind of a quirky lil' guy because no one is really sure who my mom and dad were but we're pretty sure one of them was a corgi! I'm shaped like a corgi but have wire hair like a terrier. Whatever I am, everyone says I'm just darn cute!
I came from a family with several young children and a big ol' golden retriever along with a couple of cats. It was a busy place but me and my buddy the Golden didn't mind cause we just played and played. Heck, I didn't even mind those

Rex2But there were these birds...they were in a pen most of the time and I just loved to chase them around the pen from the outside. I got in trouble a lot for that. But one time one of the birds got out and I chased it down. My mom was NOT happy; something about her chicken and eggs. I didn't know what all that meant except I was in trouble.

The other thing my mom didn't like was when I'd take off and not come back for a while. So I really need a fenced yard because I love to zoom around and if I see something like a squirrel or rabbit, I'm gonna go after it because that's what a Rex does!

I love to play fetch with a human and tug-o-war with another dog. I'm very respectful towards other dogs.

I'm not real crazy about being left alone however. My foster mom has to keep me in a very secure crate and then she comes and checks on me to take me on a walk and give me a little exercise cuz I can't hold it all day. When she's home I get to run the house!

I got all my shots (ouch!); I'm micro-chipped; neutered and uh....let's see...what else...oh yea, I don't have fleas or ticks and none of those nasty heart-worms because my foster mom gives me stuff for that. 

I'm really looking forward to getting a home of my own for good. I'm not even 2 yet and I've been in 3 homes so far. Please keep in mind I'm still a puppy and have lots to learn.

Adoption fee: $275