We are very pleased to announce Cody will be staying permanently with his foster mom. She has done such a tremendous job getting him healthy and keeping him healthy. She has worked diligently getting just the right dosage and timing for his medication to keep him "regular" and happy.


This little guy has been through the a lot and he's ready for his furr-ever home!

Cody arrived at a shelter in Arkansas with a perineal hernia. That meant he could not eliminate all his waste and it would build up in the hernia cause great discomfort. Cute as can be, there was lots of interest in adopting Cody until it was discovered what it would take to make him comfortable and healthy again. Veterinarians in the region didn't even want to attempt the surgery.

 Cody April
CCK reached out to the shelter and offered to take Cody since his options were few where he was. Upon arrival Cody went to Kansas State University where he underwent repair for the hernia; was neutered and a colopexy and cystopexy were performed to help ensure he would not have further issues. Unfortunately 2 weeks later, Cody was still straining to eliminate waste and it was discovered his left side had weakened. He underwent another repair and is now in recovery mode. His second surgery was April 18. Because of the surgeries to repair perineal hernias on both sides he will need to stay on a prescription laxative indefinitely to ensure his stools are soft and pass easily. He does have some Cody Mayweakening in the wall on his left side still but we have opted not to do another procedure as he is eliminating with just some minimal straining. It is possible he could require another repair later and if so, CCK will be there to help.

We believe Cody to be about 7 years but he does not act his age. He loves to toss about his toys, go for multiple walks a day, get petted and sleep near "his" person. Cody has done fine with other dogs, but he does enjoy most of the attention to himself. With all this little guy has been through he remains happy and friendly. Prior to getting his surgeries he did have some instances of being grumpy while getting examined. 

Cody is current on vaccinations, is neutered, is on heart-worm and flea/tick preventative. His adoption fee is $275. If you are interested in giving this wonderful boy a furr-ever home, the link to the application is at the very bottom of the "Adoption" page on this website.