Addie is at home in Colorado

Addie Posing
Feb. 2012b
 Addie - watchdog

When Addie's owners contacted CCK about finding her a new home, it just couldn't understand how anyone could give up this beautiful girl. But unfortunately some people don't know what kind of dog they are getting when they do get a corgi, so Addie's previous family actually did her a HUGE favor in giving her up.
Addie wasn't with CCK very long and applications began pouring in. It was a very difficult decision but the Mercados made the decision seem so right.
They had just recently lost a beloved corgi and like so many found themselves aching for that companionship that only a dog can give. Approved for adoption on a Thursday, the Mercados quickly made the trip from Colo. to Kansas on Sat. to get Addie.
Since in her new home, Addie has discovered she likes the snow because she knows she doesn't have to stay out in it, but will get to come inside when she wants; she's been to pet stores, rides in the car, lots of play and cuddles.
Life is great for Addie and Addie is great for the Mercados. Thanks Kathleen and Tony!