Colby Jack and Callie

UPDATE: After having these 2 in a foster home for several weeks we have decided Callie and Colby will be adopted separately. They are currently in separate foster homes and Callie has a pending adoption.

Colby is a pretty, easy-going guy who is also very food oriented. He too, is being fed in his crate, although we have had no issues with him we feel it is best. Colby enjoys walks and will ocassionally give a bounce at another dogs but mostly he just wants to be near someone. Colby is continuing to lose weight which we are hopeful will increase his mobility. His adoption fee is $200.

CCK brings to you 8-year old siblings, Colby Jack and Callie! After 8 years with the same family this adorable duo was surrendered to Corgi Connection for a better life. ColbyCallie of CO

We don't really know what kind of life they had prior to coming to rescue except they were left outside a majority of the time in a pen with access to a garage. They have adjusted wonderfully to being housepets, going on multiple daily walks and enjoying a fenced yard. Colby, the red and white, arrived weighing in at 48 pounds. He is trimming down and should weigh around 35 pounds. While Callie looks heavy, she was actually only about 3 pounds overweight for her size starting out at 28. She too is trimming down with lots of walks and play time.

Callie is the more rambunctious of the 2 and Colby kind of depends on her for motiviation.  They both love people and Callie is a bit more of a cuddle-bug. They are both "fixed" and are having their teeth cleaned on Jan. 24 and will be ready for their new furr-ever home after that date.

Colby came to us with some sores around his mouth which old veterinary records seemed to indicate were a chronic condition with occasional flair-ups. We have his thyroid tested and all tests indicated he did NOT have any thyroid issues. The condition is likely auto-immune but responds quickly to antibiotics and a short course of steroids and some camomile tea soaks. We don't know how often will it happen but it is not contagious nor does it appear to be a serious condition.

Callie has a clean bill of health as far as we know and will have a great smile after her dental.

Callie and Colby are current on vaccinations, tested negative for heart-worms and are on preventative. They are also both micro-chipped. Please consider giving this pair of siblings a comfortable, loving home.

Colo pair