Henry CLThere were a lot of people involved in saving this sweet boy and we are grateful Henry is with Corgi Happy HenryConnection of Kansas. He arrived in horrible condition; underweight; ears notched, fly bitten and raw; intestinal worms; fleas literally jumping off him; horribly teeth, nasty breath and yet he still loves people! 

We know Henry was living outside in the country among many other animals eating god-knows-what. Remarkably he tested negative for heart-worms. He has been treated for the fleas and hookworms. He was neutered and had his teeth cleaned but 14 did have to be removed. You can tell he feels so much better. He is eating better and has put on weight. However, he is a petite boy and should probably not weigh more than 25 pounds after all his recovery. His ears are healing but they will always remained notched - a sad reminder of his past life. Fortunately his spirit has not been dampened.

Henry is loving life. He does well with the other 5 corgis in the house but does not care for intact males. We are working on house-training and he does well in a crate. He seems to like being held and is showing quite a bit of spunkiness. We were told he is around 7 years old.

Henry's adoption fee is $275. 

Thanks to the many who donated towards Henry's veterinary care. It's greatly appreciated!