Stumpy is a typical 8-month old Pembroke Corgi in every way except for one: he doesn't have full use of his back left leg.

He was accidently ran over by his previous owners at 14 weeks of age. He was taken to an emergency vet clinic where he was stabilized and then taken to the family's regular veterinarian later who did not recommend surgery to repair Stumpy's pelvis which appears to have been fractured. Instead they used a splint which caused irritation on top of his paw. It appears he has suffered some nerve damage and will probably never be able to walk like a normal corgi. However, it doesn't slow him down one bit.

Our local orthopedic veterinarian did not recommend surgery at this point as the injury has begun to heal and surgery would not likely correct the nerve damage.

This little guy doesn't know that he's any different from any other dog though. He can go up and down stairs, jump on to the couch and terrorize the other corgis just like any puppy does. He will not be a candidate for hiking, running or terribly long walks but he will be a great companion. Stumpy does fine with other dogs who can put up with his pestering to wrestle. 

He is not fully house-trained and will need a refresher course in a new home. He also needs just some good ol' basic obedience lessons.  

Stumpy should probably be put on a joint supplement once he's fully grown and his weight should be kept to a minimum to avoid extra stress on his leg. Currently he does not seem painful but he may need some daily pain relief as he gets older. Other than that he is a healthy boy.Stumpy2

We would prefer Stumpy not go to a home with small children to minimize his risk of further injury. Additionally we want him to have a fenced yard for his own safety. Stumpy has been neutered, he is current on vaccinations, has been put on heart-worm preventative along with flea/tick preventative and is micro-chipped. His adoption fee is $275.