Porkins and Pugsley were surrendered to Corgi Connection of Kansas together after they were found in poor condition and from sounded like a backyard breeding situation. The owners no longer wanted them since the female had died.Porkins3

Porkins1We were told Porkins is 1-2 years old. His rough short past life has taken much of the puppy out of him but he is learning to be a house pet.

Here's what his foster mom has to say about him:

He's spunky, fun loving... loves a good scratch behind the ears. He is a vocal corgi, but is pretty quiet when he is crated. He does not like the sound of a lawn mower, vacuum, or washing machine. Porkins dances for his dinner, every night. He is a picky eater, and will sometimes leave food in his bowl for hours before finishing. He does still need some obedience training, but is crate trained and does well in the house with supervision.


Because we don't know much about Porkins' life before rescue except that he was living in a backyard he is going to need someone who has patience as he learns this new lifestyle. We feel he would be best suited as an only dog or with a female that is not dominant and/or really not too interested in another dog. He has only been around his foster sister; a German shepherd mix who doesn't interact with him much. It should also be noted that Porkins has a beautiful bushy tail, unlike most Pembroke corgis.

He has been neutured, vaccinated, heart-worm tested negative and put on preventative along with flea/tick preventative. His adoption fee is $275.