Pugsley arrived with another young male corgi to CCK out of a backyard breeding situation. He looked like an ol' man with fur missing and a Clean Pugsleystick for a tail. Pugsley is around 3 years old as best we can tell from what little information we were given.

Pugsley IIUnfortunately in addition to hair loss, which is due to allergies and is healing, he has heart-worms. So this distinct young boy will be with Corgi Connection for a few months while he undergoes treatment and recovery. 

In the mean time we are getting to know this boy and he is beginning to be a real character. We do know he's not very fond about being left alone in a house. If there's another dog or he has access to the outside he seems to do well. He's also learning to play! 

Pugsley has been neutered and vaccinated. He was also treated for other worms. We are anxious to see that tail once it has hair on it again and the rest of his coat fills out. He should prove to be one handsome guy.