Baxter Was Lost, But Now He is HOME!

Baxter group
When Baxter first came in to rescue we knew he was special - such a cuddle-bug and sooooo cute!

He was picked up as a stray in NW Kansas. Again, can't believe no one came looking for him but no one did. Thanks to another rescuer Baxter was pulled from the shelter and spared almost certain euthanasia.

After getting neutered, vaccinated and other proper care, he came to Corgi Connection and went in to foster care with Darren and Kristyn. It wasn't long before these veteran foster people fell madly in love with the little guy and just had to keep him! We call that a "failed foster" in the rescue business!

Baxter has settled in nicely with his fellow dog siblings and what's even more important - CCK still has a foster home!

Thanks Darren and Kristyn!