Need to get a Dog into our Program?

June 23, 2023: Due to the lack of foster homes, state regulations and other factors, CCK is no longer taking any dogs into rescue and has ceased operations indefinitely.


Like so many rescues, we are full due to a lack of foster homes. We are still taking inquiries but please understand it will likely be weeks before we can take your dog.

If you have a Corgi and can no longer care for it please contact us before taking the dog to a shelter.

  • Email us and tell us why you are surrendering the dog. The more information we can get the better it will be for the dog.
  • Please tell us where you are located.
  • Tell us what the dog's life is like; i.e. inside or outside dog, house-trained, neutered/spayed, where is the dog while owners are away from the house such as at work, does it get along with other dogs.
  • Please have a picture or pictures ready to provide of your corgi.
  • Fill out an owner surrender form which will be e-mailed to you upon acceptance of your dog in to the rescue - we will need this when picking up the dog.
  • Gather up all the records/paperwork you have on the dog - shot records, veterinary information anything you have would be helpful.
  • Arrange with us to either pickup or meet us with the dog.

We would also appreciate having any and all crates, food, toys, and medications that the dog may have.

Please keep in mind we run a rescue and are not behaviorists or professional trainers. We do not work with or accept dogs that are aggressive towards humans or other animals. Please consult a behaviorist/trainer if you have such issues.