Derek and Titan


It was proving rather difficult to adopt the boys together and Derek and the resident dog at the foster home were not getting along very well but Titan and her were. So we made the difficult decision to separate them. Titan was adopted by his foster family and Derek is now in foster care with 5 other resident corgis and doing wonderfullly.

This is a pair of about the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet. Derek and Titan came from a breeder and they are not your typical "breeder" dogs. These boys were cared for and are nicely socialized.

They are not brothers; Derek is around 6 and Titan is about 3 but we were told they came from the same "line." That means they could share the same parents somewhere along the way.

Derek is the larger/longer of the two and has a much lighter coat. Derek could also stand to gain just a couple of pounds. He is the more confident of the two while Titan is a little more unsure of new situatons, environments and wants to be close to someone. He is a real lover; absolutely content to just sit on a lap. He's not real pushy while on your lap either. Derek is pleased just to lay at your feet.

Titan (pictured above) does have an eye condition that is known as "dry eye." He requires getting drops in eye 3 times a day. Other than that both boys are healthy as far as we know.

Both boys get along with other dogs. However, if a dog is mean towards them they will go back at it and maybe the next time even start it. They were initially fostered with 5 other dogs and did just terrific. They like to play with each other and other playful dogs.

They do well on a leash in that they don't fight it but don't seem to really get the whole going for a walk concept. They are crate-trained and will need a little work on house-training. They do their "business" when let outside but haven't necessarily figured how to tell you they need to go outside.

Derek (left) and Titan are both neutered; current on vaccinations; have had their teeth checked and cleaned; have been heartworm tested, put on preventative; are on flea/tick preventative and are micro-chipped. The adoption fee is $275 each to help pay for all the services.

They are ready for their new home NOW! A

 Derek and Titan